Joint Council
of Students
OCO appeared in BashSU in 2013, it accommodates all the student assets of the University.
OSO are leaders of public organizations and faculties, they are the most active students who are not indifferent to the life of the university.
OSO occupies a significant place in the system of student management, considers all issues from public life, creativity to problems with the hostel.
The goals of the OSO BashSU are to form a civic culture, an active civic position of students, to promote the development of their social maturity, independence, ability to self-organize and self-development; to ensure the realization of the rights to participate in the management of BashSU, to assess the quality of the educational process, to form students ' self-management skills, to prepare them for competent and responsible participation in society.
Involvement of students in solving all issues related to the training of highly qualified specialists
Improving the quality of the educational process, taking into account the scientific and professional interests of students.
Protection and representation of the rights and interests of students
Assistance in solving educational, social and other issues affecting their interests.
Preservation and development of democratic traditions of students
Promoting the implementation of socially significant youth initiatives
Assistance to government bodies, student self-government
Assistance to the management bodies, student self-government, student associations of the BasSU in solving educational and scientific problems, in organizing leisure and everyday life of students, in promoting a healthy lifestyle.
Assistance to the structural divisions of BASHGU in their activities
Within the framework of the educational process; carrying out work aimed at increasing the consciousness of students and postgraduates and their demands on the level of their knowledge, fostering a careful attitude to the property complex, a patriotic attitude to the spirit and traditions of BASHGU.
Informing students about the activities of BASHGU
Strengthening of relations between educational organizations, interregional and international relations; formation of public opinion about student youth as a real force and strategic resource for the development of society.
Association of student associations
To solve social problems and increase the involvement of students in the activities of student self-government bodies.
The activities of the OSO BASHGU can also be directed to solving other tasks that are determined taking into account the specifics of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Ufa city district of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and the Bashkir State University.
The coordinator of the CCA IP is Galin Arslan, a 3rd-year student.
Phone: +7 (987) 028-05-56
Office 413
Scientific Society of Young Researchers
SSYR is a voluntary association of students, postgraduates and young scientists with the aim of developing research activities.
SSYR conducts events that develop an interest in science: legal consultations, competitions, intellectual games, Olympiads, conferences, debates.
SSYR promotes the participation of young scientists in scholarship and grant programs.
Every year, within the framework of the Month of Legal Science (the Spring Marathon of Legal Science), the following competitions are held: legal consulting, chess tournament, debate tournament among teachers, intellectual games, Republican Legal brain-ring among law students of universities of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The activities of ELSA and the work of the Open Law School are actively developing.
Every year, within the framework of the Month of Legal Science (the Spring Marathon of Legal Science), the following competitions are held: legal consulting, chess tournament, debate tournament among teachers, intellectual games, Republican Legal brain-ring among law students of universities of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The activities of ELSA and the work of the Open Law School are actively developing.
Why join the SSYR
Be aware of all scientific events, participate in the events of the BashSU Institute of Law
Communicate with students of various law schools in Russia and the CIS
Develop communication, public speaking and organizational skills and abilities
How to enter SSYR
In order to join the NOMI, you need to write in private messages to the chairman of US Adelia Latypova, after you will be added to the general chat of NOMI trainees. You can also send a request via the website.
Submit an application
Curator, Chairman of the NOMI-Adelia Latypova, 4th year student
+ 7 (919) 142-93-52
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Trade Union Bureau
The Trade Union Bureau is engaged in providing assistance to students, collecting documents for various types of scholarships, holding cultural and sports events, and charity events.
The guys from the Trade Union Bureau lead the circles of modern and folk dance, vocal, sports sections in volleyball and basketball.
How to join the Trade Union Bureau
Submit an application
You can join the Trade Union Bureau at any time, you need to submit an application to the 413 cabinet.
Pay the fee
The membership fee is 100 rubles per year, if you study on a budget, the fee is deducted from the scholarship.
Become a member of the Trade Union Bureau
The trade union organization of BashSU guarantees social and legal protection to students.
Engage in creativity
Participate in the activities of the Trade Union Bureau aimed at cultural and creative development, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
What does membership in the Trade Union Bureau give you?
  • Protection of students ' interests in matters of scholarship provision.
  • The opportunity to get financial support in difficult life situations.
  • The opportunity to travel for free or for a small amount for winter and summer holidays.
  • It provides an opportunity to take part in the social life of the university, to develop their personal and business qualities, to expand the range of their interests and opportunities, to gain practical skills in team management and communication with people.
  • Discounts and free movie/ football tickets.
  • Full and timely information of students about all events.
If you: Want to keep up to date?
Do you want to know everything about your rights, opportunities and their implementation?
Do you want to participate in all the events?
Go on summer and winter holidays with a huge discount?
Be under the wing of the senior courses?

Then we are waiting for you!

Our address: Office 413, 4th floor, BashSU Institute of Law.
Structure of the Trade Union Bureau
Acting Chairman
Phone: +7 (987) 584-27-29
Acting Chairman
Phone: +7 (987) 627-05-22
Head of the Cultural and Mass Sector
Head of the Sports Sector
Head of the Information Sector
Head of the Social Sector
Head of the patronage sector
Proforg of the 1st course, 1st stream
Deputy proforga of the 1st stream
Proforg of the 1st course 2 streams
Deputy proforga of the 2nd stream
Proforg 2 courses 1 stream
Proforg 2 courses 2 streams
Proforg 3 courses 1 stream
Proforg 3 courses 2 streams
Proforg 4 courses 1 stream
Proforg 4 courses 2 streams
3rd year professional teacher (international relations)
4-year professional teacher (international relations)
Circles supervised by the Trade Union Bureau
Head of the Contemporary Dance Club
Head of the Contemporary Dance Club
Head of the folk dance club
Head of the folk dance club
Head of the vocal circle
Head of the vocal circle
Professional bureau in social networks
Inclusive education
Our goal is affordable inclusive education and professional training for students with disabilities and HIA.
We make sure that children with disabilities are provided with everything necessary and fully participate in student life.
The youth public association "Development of Inclusive Education"works on the basis of the Institute of Law of BashSU.
Employees of the association
«Development of Inclusive Education»
Yusupov Rakhimyan Galimyanovich
Head of Inclusive Education of BashSU
Tel: +7 (347) 253-20-84
Chairman of the Youth Public Association " Development of Inclusive Education»
Телефон: +7 (960) 393-20-50
Deputy Chairman of the Youth Public Association «Development of Inclusive Education»
Tel: +7 (996) 104-84-20
Deputy Chairman of the Youth Public Association " Development of Inclusive Education»
Tel: +7 (917) 372-60-73
BO AYUR Young Lawyers ' Council
The Council of Young Lawyers of the Bashkortostan branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia organizes legal education of the population within the framework of the days of free legal aid and the school of law.
Conduct lectures among schoolchildren, students and citizens of retirement age.
Conduct surveys and analysis of problems in the field of law enforcement.
To make legislative initiatives in the State Assembly-Kurultai of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Conduct conferences and legal forums dedicated to the most relevant issues of legal science.
Take part in meetings with practitioners for professional guidance.
To hold an annual meeting of the Council of Young Lawyers within the framework of the All-Russian Legal Forum.
The event is traditionally held in December in Ufa.
How to join
Please send scanned copies of the following documents by e-mail:
- personal photo on a white background;
- scan of the passport and two documents: application for membership и consent to the processing of personal data.

The staff of the Bar Association will contact you to present the certificate.
Leadership of the BO AYUR Council of Young Lawyers
Natalia Latypova
Chairman of the Council of Young Lawyers BO AYUR
Phone: +7 (937) 328-79-83
Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Lawyers BO AYUR
Shevnina Sofya
Phone: +7 (987) 132-30-10
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Clubs and clubs
Here, our students train their public speaking skills, the ability to voice and defend their point of view in debates, develop flexibility of thinking, communicate in English, and expand their horizons.
The Youth Policy League, the Business Law Club, the Dostoevsky Debate Club, the English speaking Club, and the Civil Law Circle are active student associations of the Institute of Law.
Business Law Club
We are a club that specializes in business law:
  • corporate law;
  • commercial law;
  • competition law;
  • intellectual property;
  • bankruptcy.

BLC is a community created to bring together talented lawyers who specialize in legal support of business.
Our Club is designed to help young professionals on their way to becoming a business lawyer.

Participation in the Club is an important addition to the development of the general curriculum of the university. It allows you to get real-life experience in practical law, provides solid competitive advantages in the profession, and increases the opportunities for successful employment.
The Business Law Club is open to students of all courses and levels of education. BLC provides invaluable knowledge and skills for students of any specialization seeking a legal career.

Our events allow students to interact with major employers, get acquainted with the best representatives of the legal profession. Participation in prestigious competitions gives students the opportunity to hone their legal skills in court work, negotiations and debates. For those who want to become a successful business lawyer, BLC is a platform that provides students with opportunities and useful tools to realize their potential.
What opportunities does BLC membership offer?:
Participation in prestigious competitions (RAC, FRAME, RUT, etc.) as part of the BashSU team
Summer internships in law firms, mentoring of experienced business lawyers in various areas of law
Experience in conducting real research; participation in the preparation of legal opinions, including at the request of business representatives and government agencies
Development of practical legal skills in various consulting, analytical work and representation activities
Participation in existing public projects (Headquarters "Right to Business", "Legal assistance in bankruptcy", etc.)
Obtaining professional skills and knowledge in the framework of thematic trainings, master classes, lectures and practical ones.
The possibility of publishing in leading legal journals on acute problems of civil and business law
Join now
Anisimov Vladimir Alexandrovich
Club Curator

candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law

We have the experience and capabilities to create an effective tool with which an interested student can realize their ambitions.
The «Dostoevsky» Debate Club»
Dostoevsky is the first debate Club in Ufa, founded in 2010 by students of the BashSU Institute of Law. Members of this community are engaged in parliamentary debates, intellectual games, where participants defend the position that they got by lot. The debates discuss everything: social life, technology, economics, politics, law, ethics, and much more.

The club aims to develop and improve the skills that a lawyer cannot survive without: critical thinking, public speaking and argumentation.
You can go to Dostoevsky if you want:
Learn to defend any point of view
Stop being afraid of public speaking
Expand your horizons
Develop flexibility of thinking
Find fun thinking friends
Attend events at the National, All-Russian and international levels
1 time per week
Meetings of the Dostoevsky Club are held.
Beginners will be explained everything
At the beginning of each lesson, all the rules are explained to beginners, so do not be afraid of the unknown.
The club is open to everyone
It is enough to write to the official group of the club or to the chairman of the club Ismagilova Gulsibar.
Club Chairman
3rd year student of the BashSU Institute of Law
Phone: +7 (963) 897-97-23
Deputy Chairman
2nd year student of the BashSU Institute of Law
The best way to find out what the Dostoevsky Debate Club is is to come to the meeting!
Youth Policy League
The regional public organization for the development of youth initiatives "League of Youth Policy" of the Republic of Bashkortostan is a unique platform that unites the initiative youth of the region in the implementation of their ideas and projects.

The main goal of the League is to increase civic engagement, legal and political literacy of young people, and to educate them in the spirit of patriotism.

The Youth Policy League of the Republic of Belarus is a platform for active and talented young people. This is innovation, victories and real results.
Chairman of the local branch
Tel: +7 (987) 028-05-56
Head of the Design and Creative department of the local branch
Phone: +7 (917) 347-23-62
Badalyan Arevik Rolandovna
Head of the press service of the local branch.
Phone: +7 (937) 347-31-38
Rakhmatullin Ramil Radikovich
Secretary of the local branch
Phone: +7 (960) 395-58-65
We are open to new ideas and cooperation. If you feel strong and ready to become a part of a big friendly team - welcome to the League!
Civil Law Circle
The Circle of Civil Law is a public formation, which for 15 years under the leadership of Candidate of Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law Olesya Ramilyevna Gimadrislamova unites talented, charismatic and active students who are truly passionate about civil law.

We are ready to show how interesting and exciting the process of studying this industry can be, especially in relation to civil and arbitration processes, business law, and even tax law!

The invaluable experience of the supervisor and honorary members of the circle (our favorite graduates), who still come to us today to share their knowledge with the younger generation, gives us a lot of interesting interactivity that allows us to more effectively obtain such knowledge.

As part of the circle, there are not only presentations in the form of reports, but also fascinating consultations, drafting and concluding various contracts, quizzes and much more. We are very happy to take part in scientific and practical conferences and moot courts to get acquainted with both theory and practice!
What happens in the circle?
Here everyone can find themselves in the field of private law
Spend your leisure time with like-minded people
Develop useful skills (upgrade soft and hard skills)
Find new friends and acquaintances
We invite you to join the Civil Law Club!
English Speaking Club
The English Speaking Club is a relatively young club for the BashSU Institute of Law.

We gather people who want to learn English. In the conversation club, we try to present interesting and useful knowledge at the same time. If you want to become more confident, learn more systematically and seriously love English, then you are definitely welcome to contact us. In the conversation club, we study vocabulary, grammar, play, communicate, watch movies. Our range of classes is constantly expanding, because any of the students can offer something of their own, or something that we, the teachers, can interest the student in.

For a comfortable stay in a conversation club, it is enough to have a school level, as well as a passion and desire to learn the language. Our main task is to set the right vector of development.
We look forward to seeing you in the English speaking club in the new academic year!
MO-SA 08: 00 - 18: 00

+7 (347) 228-90-30
die Strae Dostojewski, d. 131,
Ufa, Republik Baschkortostan, 450005