About the Institute
The Institute of Law is one of the largest educational divisions of the Bashkir State University.
It was established in 1949 as the Ufa branch of the All-Union Correspondence Law Institute.
The history of the Institute of Law began back in 1949 — on October 9, the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR was signed on the establishment of the Ufa branch of the All-Union Correspondence Law Institute from January 1, 1950. The branch occupied several rooms in the premises of the Supreme Court of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
In 1964, the branch was transformed into the Ufa Faculty of the Sverdlovsk Law Institute, and only in January 1972, the faculty, whose teaching staff consisted of 37 people (24 of them had academic degrees), became part of the Bashkir State University. This was a significant new step in expanding the network of legal education in the republic as a whole.
In 1999, the Faculty of Law was transformed into the Institute of Law of the Bashkir State University. Currently, it is a major scientific, educational and intellectual center of the Republic of Bashkortostan, which trains highly qualified lawyers on full-time and part-time courses.
During the existence of the faculty, its scientists have published dozens of monographs, textbooks, and hundreds of scientific articles. Every year, our teachers and students participate in conferences and symposiums held both in Russia and abroad, take part in legislative activities at the federal and national levels, and act as experts on newly adopted regulations.

Speaking about the history of our institute and legal education in the republic as a whole, it is impossible not to mention those who stood at its origins and played a major role in their formation. These are professors L. L. Kanevsky, F. M. Rayanov, M. S. Ordansky, V. A. Banin, F. G. Gilyazev, V. D. Pakutin, F. Z. Kulbarisov, M. F. Malikov, L. S. Samsonova, L. Ya.Pavlenko and many others.

Bashkir State University has always been famous for its talents in various fields, and each new generation of students and teachers leaves an indelible mark on its history, which will undoubtedly have a bright continuation.
The Institute of Law is one of the largest educational divisions of the Bashkir State University. Established in 1949 as the Ufa branch of the All-Union Legal Correspondence Institute (now the Kutafin Moscow State Academy), it has gone a long way in its formation and development and today is the flagship of legal education in the Republic of Bashkortostan.
Scientific work
The Institute of Law has accumulated extensive experience in educational and research work. The faculty that has developed over the years of the Institute of Law, including doctors and candidates of science, founders of scientific law schools, successful practitioners: judges, lawyers, lawyers of commercial companies and human rights organizations, allows us to provide the necessary level of training of highly qualified specialists for state bodies, commercial enterprises, law enforcement agencies, the bar, public organizations, etc. Leading experts from the state authorities of the republic, well-known scientists from other educational institutions of the country are invited to give lectures and conduct classes with students.

Confirmation of the high level of legal education is the successful passing of the Institute of public accreditation of the Association of Lawyers of Russia and state accreditation.
Material base
Today, the Institute of Law is a modern educational institution that has an excellent material base. In addition to the classical classrooms, which provide the ability to access the Internet and connect various equipment for visual demonstration of educational material, there are also specialized:
  • forensic laboratory, which recreates the situation of the scene of the accident, equipped with modern technical devices that are used by law enforcement agencies to solve crimes;
  • library and reading room with computer equipment that allows you to access the Internet and use reference and legal information systems;
  • courtroom;
  • language lab equipped with programs for learning foreign languages;
  • computer classes equipped with special programs for training lawyers;
  • sports hall.
Special jobs have been created for students with disabilities.
Teaching academic subjects
form of training
full-time and part-time
form of training
correspondence course
form of training
For many years, the Institute has been cooperating with a number of state structures of the Republic of Bashkortostan:

  • Supreme Court,
  • Prosecutor's Office,
  • Customs,
  • Tax Service,
  • law enforcement agencies,
  • ministries and departments,

During their studies, students undergo all types of practical training. Senior students also receive practical skills in the Legal Clinic of the Institute of Law, providing free legal assistance to socially vulnerable categories of citizens.
Today, tens of thousands of graduates of the Institute of Law successfully realize themselves in their chosen profession, as they receive not only fundamental theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills.
Research projects
The Institute has all the conditions for teachers and students to participate in research projects (including those funded by grants), scientific conferences, competitions, and Olympiads, including those organized by the institute itself. At the departments there are scientific circles, discussion clubs that allow students from the first years of study to be involved in scientific work, to study in depth the relevant disciplines, to prepare for admission to master's and postgraduate studies.

The results of scientific research are published in the journals
" Bulletin of Magistracy»,
"Bulletin of the Institute of Law of the Bashkir State University" (RSCI),
"The legal State: theory and practice" (VAK)

For students who are deeply engaged in scientific research, the Scientific Society of Young Researchers of the Institute of Law (NOMI) has been created – a voluntary association of students, postgraduates and young scientists that promotes the development of their research activities in the field of jurisprudence.

One of the priority activities of the Institute of Law is cooperation with secondary educational institutions of Ufa, within the framework of which a number of projects are being implemented: an open law School, a School for young criminologists, a Republican legal brain-ring among schoolchildren of grades 9-11, a Republican Olympiad in country studies( in English), a competition of creative works " The Constitution through the eyes of a schoolboy».
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